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In a quest for photographic greatness, I’m engaged in a course at the Oxford School of Photography. One of the exercises, which has been likened to “doing scales” as part of piano or guitar practice, is 50 photos in 30 minutes. Will it produce photographs, worthy of Cartier-Bresson, probably not, but it does teach you to free up the tension of ‘what shall I photograph’? It’s been a really useful, if slightly stressful activity. You then review and go back to more successful images and develop the idea further. Well, this is a photography blog, so it’s time for some photographic greatness…there is that famous quote about your first 10,000 photographs being your worst – my Pentax has about 2,000 on  the clock!

Themes are another important part of the course so far, and we’ve been encouraged to look at themes to develop our photography. The course included ‘home’ and I have recognized an existing theme from the last year and have called it, ‘river life.’

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