6 month rant

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A reminder bleeped on my phone to announce that it’s been six months today since the car accident. It’s probably not good to dwell on dates, but life in limbo is caught up in the next date, the next step in the healing process.

Today’s date, as meaningless as it is made me angry about how slow healing seems, why I can’t work properly yet; why cant I walk properly, why does this or that hurt, feel numb and weak.

Every medical person, if these things are told just nod, knowingly smile having heard these complaints a hundred times and reassure that it’s all normal, that injuries were extensive and you’re doing well. But they don’t have to live with it day to day.

After the red mist clears, rational thought returns and I can get back to having the positive attitude everyone says I’ve shown. Bailey the cat never says that, he doesn’t need too, we just have long meow conversations on the benefits of fresh fish and soaking up the sun.


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