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Let me tell you about physio. It involves pain. Real grit your teeth, swear at inanimate objects and focuses the mind on how clever and well tuned our bodies normally are.

Today, after god-like consultants had laid on healing hands and said with a cavalier swagger, “this leg you can put full body weight on, and the left arm is doing very well, start putting weight through that. The ankle and the right arm will take longer, though movement is good.”

Cut to physio dudes asking if I can stand from sitting in wheelchair to upright position, using only right leg. Use your left arm too…for added grip (meaning pain). Go on people, try it. How many crumple onto the floor like a sack of coffee beans I wonder?

I crumpled back into my seat barely making liftoff. Queue swearing at inanimate objects if only to not think about the searing pain running through my leg. Shifting onto the edge of the bed was physios plan B as angle is less acute. Second attempt, same result. Deep breaths everyone. One last try and somehow I made it. Hurt like hell and I was leaning like a tower in Italy but it felt pretty good for those ten shaky seconds I was vertical.

Then I lay down for a while safe in the knowledge I’d beaten something…

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