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Well, its been a year since I’ve had my Pentax K7 and the adventure that was investing in a prime lens. It was an experiment, on staying compact with a new dSLR, and having to use your brain just a little more, as it forced you to think about the shot, to ‘work the shot’, as they say. And it really did. I doubt many take the advice on board, but I think spending a year with a prime lens, as your primary lens is a great idea. No question, it could be frustrating, where it was either just too short, or sometimes just too long – particularly frustrating when you literally can’t move your feet any further back…like at the top of the Segradia Familia towers in Barcelona, leaning back against a hundred year old waist high, stone wall. Ah, that’s why the 18-200mm super-zoom was invented I thought… But mostly, the Pentax 43mm f1.9 Limited lens was a beauty, in form and function, and like many suggest, I may well regret selling it, and transferring those funds into a Pentax DA* 50-135mm F2.8 lens. Price wise, it was almost a straight swap.

But, it turns out, the DA* 50-135mm is a rather special lens too, and I look forward to giving it a whirl at least for a year… (and I have the 40mm m-rokkor manual lens experiment happening on the NEX 5N, so all is well in prime lens land…)

Anyway, Bailey was at hand to model for the new lens…he likes this one because I don’t have to stick the lens in his face and it’s silent focusing! I call this one, Zen Cat.

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