A zen walk in the woods

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This morning I took a walk in the woods and didn’t find much. No deer, no fields of bluebells or snowdrops or mushrooms to entice the macro lens out of the bag and pretty flat light. Nice walk, but left feeling a little frustrated about not being inspired to take any great pictures. I said to myself, ‘What I should be doing, is flexing the old photographic muscles and taking 50 shots in 30 minutes’. I didn’t do that though. But I did take a few, thinking as much that it was a chance to test out the NEX and 40mm M-Rokkor lens. Still getting used to both – after ten minutes I’d sorted out two settings on the NEX that were annoying me (touchscreen is a nice feature and it works very well, but with the sleep mode set to a minute, I was activating buttons on the screen just by carrying the camera in my hand, so a quick tip is to turn off touchscreen and set screen-sleep to 10 seconds, as I have it set on my Pentax K7).

Anyway, looking at the images I’d taken (a few around Marlow too), they’re not too bad, with the usual development in Lightroom, there are some interesting shots – not stunning, captured “a moment” type shots, but like these shots in the woods – there’s something a little spooky about them, you can kind of feel the stillness of that place, and as a group, they become more interesting, I think. So, an interesting lesson in not dismissing too much too quickly and how a group of images can become greater than their individual selves…a zen lesson for humanity perhaps?

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