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The NHS, bless them, this morning gave me a conversational treat, when killing time, staring into space, awaiting my audition for Britain’s Got Pain physioterrorpist show.

Admin lady: “How do you print something from your screen?”

Receptionist: “Go into preferences.”

Admin lady: “I don’t have preferences. I have options. Is that the same thing?”

Receptionist: “Login, and go to preferences.”

Admin lady: “When I log in as you, it doesn’t have preferences. I have options.”

Receptionist: “Why are you logged in as me?”

Admin lady: “Because I wanted your screen with preferences, to print from.”

Receptionist: “It’s the same system, if you login as yourself.”

Admin lady: “But I don’t have preferences. Why do I have options?”

Receptionist: “Just write it down…”

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