Car Crash Blues

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Sitting in hospital contemplating geometric patterned curtains, blood thinning injections, human dementia and patient death, I wrote a song…it’s fairly upbeat considering… I’m yet to pen a tune, so just imagine something Bob Dylanesque, in the key of E.

Car Crash Blues

Workday carriage blues beat around the bend
Morning commute blind corner, no memory send
Wet cold day, heavy heart on rain soaked a-road
Take a moment to see yourself, to view the red code
Twisted metal cobalt blue, a moment of distance it’s true
Never crossed white lines before, how about you?
Judge the other man, and one day be judged too
Drive with care my friend, one day it could be you.

First helicopter ride with blue lights in the sky
Battered body, but no angels on hand to cry
Look inside the minds of duelling men
See how it now ends, a broken man
Turn up the univibe, don’t blow a fuse
Make better days than car crash blues

Hospital bed days drag like summer suns gone
Routines of the system inflict your life long
You’re medically done son, we’ve fixed all we can
But these things take time, you can’t cheat the man
Sit back a while and wait on us, we’ll decide
You’ll think it’s crazy, get off this tired ride
But sit back again son, time slides slow here
Look at raindrops on the window like your tear

Muscles, bones and scars mend given time it’s true
Looking forward, enjoy this time of you
Accidents happen, life just is what it is
No turning back time, no dwelling on the crime
Turn up the univibe, don’t blow a fuse
Make better days than car crash blues

Homeward bound, escape from bleach clean walls
Feeling good, but this is where hard work calls
Daily care worker arrives for spit, polish and shine
Service with a Buddhist smile, get feet into line
Look down the line, a path of work and pain
Wake up the body, there’s no pain, there’s no gain
It’ll come slow, take it easy, set time and measure
Things come to they who wait, it’s a pleasure

Look inside the minds of duelling horses
See how it now ends, still a man of course
Turn up the univibe, don’t blow a fuse
Make better days than car crash blues


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