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Some may say that a birthday gift of a Ferrari thrill ride at Silverstone International race track after a car crash and enjoying it’s repercussions for going on 18 months is a little odd. Well trust me, that isn’t in your mind the moment you slide into the leather seat of the Ferrari F430 and sit with your hands on the steering wheel and see the black prancing horse logo snorting back at you. A feather touch on the throttle and horses snarl and spit at you, daring you for more.

My racing driver instructor talks through procedures, which are gone from my mind in an instant. Paddle up, lift off and hang on for dear life, as you run down to Club, turn in sharp, steady throttle, clip two corners, aim for the exit and hear the command for power on, paddle up, roar, smile, then panic as the sweeping Abbey corner looms. Sweep right, then left, heart racing as brain engages “I really should be braking here,” but instructor denies brain. “Speed! Stay left. Little brake. Now turn.” We pass through Village then The Links, clipping the curb and unleash 500bhp of Italian super car down the Hangar Straight. Paddle up and up as the exhaust howls and hearts pound as the sharp but fast and sweeping Stowe corner comes into vision and demands your attention, before exiting into Vale. “Well done, take a breath…” says the instructor. No time for breathing, lap two, Club corner coming up fast…


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