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Well, it’s a rumour no longer, there was indeed a launch from Pentax of the K-01 (pronounced “K zero-one” they insist). Hmmm, rather than being a GXR sized/K5 merging as I thought, it seems to be a K5 in designer outlet clothing. So, while the spec is pretty solid, as indeed it does feature the 16mb sensor, probably from the K5, it looks almost the same dimensions as the K5, which is itself is a very compact dSLR. Which does kind of beg the question; what’s the purpose of it, if it doesn’t reduce the size by removing the mirror, like the Sony NEX 5N or Olympus PEN? Yes, it has a super thin 40mm lens. The DA 40mm for the K dSLR range is no behemoth. It is lighter of course, without the mirror system and the moderne design aesthetic is quite sticking…though my admiration stops at the day-glow yellow version! I know, I sound like the internet forums, already moaning about this and that, mere moments after its launch, but I just hope upon closer inspection it has more tricks up its sleeve than the designer name on the baseplate.

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