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A collection of images from Barney Britton, posted these articles on dpreview site about a honeymoon trip, taken around Britain in 1939. A very rare glimpse of Britain in glorious faded Kodachrome. The images look painterly, with washes of vibrant colour merging into one another, adding the surreal nostalgia of the scenes. This image in Boston, Lincolnshire is faded, but the bright red telephone box, still a familiar modern image, looks like an alien visitor in the almost Dickensian scene.

An extract from the post:
The collection of almost 80 color slides was inside a small wooden box, and had been in my grandmother’s attic for at least 20 years.

Most of the slides were glass-mounted, and apart from various degrees of fading, they have suffered remarkably little degradation over 75 years.

In August 1939, shortly before the outbreak of WWII in Europe my grandparents took a honeymoon camping trip around England in their Morris 8 Convertible. With them they brought my great uncle Eldred, and their cat Edgar (just visible at the bottom of this picture).

Click here to read the full articles and view the images. This is part two in the series.


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