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This week has seen me on my feet a bit more, doing cross-legged battle with mismatched crutches as I work through the physio terrorpist exercises from the ministry of funny walks. Today, under a cold dull sky I ventured out of the front door for the first time since being home (and not being lifted by burly ambulance crew).

Deep breaths of cold fresh air as I stepped over the threshold. What stops me venturing further into the world are some pesky steep steps, but in a bold move that would have physio frowning I very carefully ascended the first step, to try it out for size. The funny thing is that it’s my right leg that feels weaker, as if shaking an angry fist at everyone who thinks its now fine and “fixed”.

Still, I take another deep breath and feel a small sense of acheivement at taking another step back to normality. I look up to the sky and enjoy a moment of freedom again…with a sideways glance to the right of me where cars go steaming by on a busy road – but I don’t have to deal with that just yet…


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