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How did you take that photo? A question often posed by photographers and one not just answered by technical means. An article by Carsten Krieger on the dpreview website takes you through the process of the image. The hardest part, is taking the time – you can (admittedly if you know how…) capture bracketed exposures, stack focal planes and add multiple filters in the field and then make your final image back in your Photoshop or Lightroom equipped bat cave! What you can’t do in post production is get up at five in the morning or scout a location over a few days finding the right shot.

On my commute to work there are amazing vista’s of the Cotswold hills, and I keep looking for angles of view, taking mental shots in my head for a time when I finally have the chance and the weather to go and take some shots. Personally I prefer his original image to the second chance photographs, though you can understand the nagging concern over parts of the tree becoming lost against the background. Equally, I think the new ones suffer from the foreground grabbing too much attention. Opinions, opinions…

Read the dpreview article by Carsten Krieger here and visit his website here.

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