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Nothing to do with X-Factor, it’s just shameless keyword use, but there is a vote involved in a similar popular vote and campaign for families to drum up votes for their fame seeking loved one. The Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre plays host to photography days, where eagle-eyed (or owl-eyed in this case) shutter junkies can capture some up-close and personal images of the birds of prey.

The main attraction being not having to traipse out into the middle of a field at 4am and wait for the slight possibility of catching a fleeting glimpse of a gliding Barn owl, hovering Kestrel, or darting Kingfisher. Come to Oxfordshire, walk along the banks of the Thames, and you’ll see that Red Kites are a dime a dozen.

Anyway, shameless plug for my dad, who after knocking himself out on a car door, before even getting too the a beer festival, has entered a photo into Feather and Fur Owl photo competition. You, dear reader, can vote here.


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