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Very quick first outing with new Sony NEX 5N & 16mm lens; a quick lap of the local graveyard just to try out the camera and see how the camera performs in use. Shooting in Aperture mode, with second soft key set to ISO function, its actually very easy to shoot in the way I do with my Pentax K7. Access to exposure compensation and drive mode is very quick and intuitive and though the thumb wheel to change aperture is not quite as easy as the horizontal dial on a dSLR, it’s still perfectly functional. The flip screen on the NEX is also great for thinking differently compositionally, and I found the screen very good in bright light. Having downloaded the first images, you can see the distortions of the 16mm lens on the borders of the image, but overall it often adds a certain “look” to the images. All in all, a good start for the tiny little NEX – it definitely has the ‘pick me up’ factor, which for any camera is a must.

A couple of images I took in the Oxford cemetery. Both shot in RAW and with very quick tweaking in Lightroom.

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