Frosted Dawn

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Having a few a technical difficulties with hosting servers, so site has been up and down a bit, and it may go on for another week, but not much I can do…

I enjoyed a lovely early morning walk along the Thames riverbank again, everything coated in a beautiful hoar frost – I’m taking an educated guess as to frost type anyway! As the sun rose, light streaked through the frosted surrounding Chiltern hills and forests and lit up the mist lifting off the river. I love the tranquility of going out in the early morning and the amazing light that changes by the minute.

Also a chance to use both the K7 and the NEX 5N together, and I tested using the Pentax 43mm limited lens on the NEX with an adaptor and used as manual focus – the focus peaking function makes manual focus very easy. Its a good combination that I’d like to try more of, particularly in more of an urban setting, where that focal range really works.

Here’s a few photos from the outing. Frosted plants are the NEX & 16mm lens and the other two the K7 with FA100-300mm.

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