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So, the Voigtlander Bessa R2 and Minolta M-Rokkor are now gone. I loved the output of the lens with Fuji Velvia – it did make me think that when you read about film having a “look”, a depth that digital lacks, I think it’s true, so I decided to continue with film, but to ramp up the quality even more and go medium format! It will never replace my digital workflow as it so easy in comparison, but it’s fun to have a foot in both worlds.

The Fuji GA645i is a rangefinder style camera…though described as some, as being designed by aliens! It goes into the category of its so ugly, it’s beautiful – I think it has modernist charm anyway. Though some may argue about its interesting looks, it feels great to hold, it’s light, it’s fully automatic, it has an amazing Fujinon lens and even has a built in flash. In many ways its the older, bigger brother of the X100. I look forward to using it with Fujicbrome Velvia 100F and sharing the results!

There’s an excellent review of the GA645i by photographer Lawrence Kim, here.

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