Fuji X-Pro 2

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So, the latest from the Fuji rumour mill suggests that the boffins at Fuji are waiting for a “major breakthrough”, before releasing the update to the X-Pro 1 model. That breakthrough means they’ll likely be a wait for the new model until 2015. That breakthrough could come in the form of an organic sensor, or enlarged green pixels – which admittedly sounds a little like marketing speak, but both technologies have been patented by Fujifilm. More traditionally, they could simply choose to use a full frame sensor, to separate out the Pro model from an ever increasing APSC X range.

A recent poll of rumour-hungry camera geeks (which I guess you could include me in that) suggests that an organic APSC sensor is the preferred breakthrough, at 53%. Votes for a full frame sensor was at 35%, and 12% opted for varied pixel sized APSC sensor.

The highest percentage of people (certainly pro photographers) would no doubt vote for more focus on pro level capabilities, in terms of usability and customisation, ISO and AF performance and bullet proof build quality. Build the X-Pro 2 to rival a Leica M, for half the price – there’s your breakthrough Fuji.

Fuji X-Pro 2

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