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The Huff, as he shall be known, is king of the “real world” reviews, not getting too bogged down in technical speak, colour charts or pixel peeping. He’s had a love/hate relationship with Fuji X cameras, liking the X100 and X100S cameras, but struggling with the responsiveness of the interchangeable models, such as X-Pro 1 (which he refers to as a ‘beta’ product), and recently he reviewed the X-E2, which saw him struck off Fuji’s Christmas card list. In his review video, he compares to his beloved Olympus OMD EM1, and a Pentax K3 (the only DSLR he’d buy and use). Personally, the overall design, aesthetically at least of the Fuji X-T1 beats the Olympus hands down.

With the launch of the X-T1, he may of just found his ONLY Fuji camera to recommend. A quote from his conclusion below.

While not perfect, it is THE Fuii X Body to get if you love Fuji and want a responsive, fast, easy to control and set up body that feels great in the hand and is super high on the usability factor. The EVF rocks, the LCD rocks, the feel and handling rock and the IQ is the same as the previous X Bodies. If that is your thing, the X-T1 will feel like a masterpiece to you.

Check out his full review and first look video here.


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