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A couple of days in hospital and you miss a digital camera launch… Fujifilm unleash another camera into their X series line-up, in the name of the X-T1, which claims to offers the fastest EVF in town, and looking at the product specs, it’s an impressive beast. Is this the new top of the line replacement for the X Pro though? it’s certainly looking to compete the new kids on the block in the form of Sony’s full frame A7 and the much acclaimed Olympus OM-D. The Fuji X-T1 uses the proven 16mp APSC sized fuji X-Trans sensor, a new 2.36million OLED EVF, a 3″ tilting 1000K LCD panel, weather sealed magnesium body, and an array of manual controls dials in a SLR inspired package. Tidy, as the Welsh say…

The viewfinder offers four views including full, normal, dual (for split screen focusing), and vertical, and is certainly a USP of the model, offering a fast refresh rate, and the best magnification on the market. The interface, having used it on my X100, is well styled attractive, and intuitive. Adding a tilting LCD is a modern advantage, which does add the advantage of shooting at increased angles over a traditional DSLR. Reviews are still waiting in the wings from the usual sources, but I suspect this camera will score highly in both technical and useability departments.

Check out the official marketing speak from Fuji, here.



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