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First shots from the Fuji X100 and you can colour me impressed – the colour and handling of light and shadow is fantastic, especially at higher ISO’s. I made the mistake of thinking the battery was charged, so only managed half an hour before the big red battery sign came up telling me I was a fool for not thinking about this kind of thing! But, even with a quick visit to the Pittville Pumproom, Cheltenham in the early morning resulted in a few keepers! Just a couple here as a taster…

There was a lovely mix of that morning blue light, mixing with the sunrise, warming up the stone of the Pumproom and the other image is my Cartier-Bresson moment, without a captured moment of a cyclist at the bottom of the stairs..! Still, some nice tones and depth from the X100’s f2 lens. The RAW images do look more film like…or something.

Taking these shots and switching between the optical and electronic viewfinder, I was finding I was using the lovely bright optical finder with the overlay more than the EVF – it’s the X100’s party trick, and it does it fantastically. An excellent start Mr Fuji…


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