Gear Acquisition Syndrome

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Today I went for a walk, not just as part of the usual exercise regime, but with my camera – one of them anyway. One of the by-products of being house bound for so long, and even now, feeling limited in my ability to get up and go out for a photo day is time on your hands. I’ve used that time to do a little gear acquisition. You can always get a deal on eBay if you do your research, set your limits, and have time on your hands.

Like any interest, there’s gear involved, and a clinging, enveloping desire to get another bit of kit, the bit of gear that will make you hit a golf ball further, run faster, or capture better images. Better, faster cameras, faster, sharper lenses, and the cleverest voluminous bags to store your precious equipment.

I blame my dad for the next bit. I think he instilled the Leica bug in me, and I’ve now owned a digital LX4, an excellent little compact, though you can buy the exact same panasonic version of the camera for half the price, though minus the clean design lines and famous little red dot. Anyway, I now have a Leica M4-2…one of the so called, “plain Jane” Leica M’s. Leica may slightly disown it these days, as a cheaper manufactured version of the legendary M4, but truth is, it saved Leica from going out of business, and is actually one of the rarest Leica’s, with only 16,000 being produced.

I slightly digressed – today I went out for a walk with my Leica film camera, but didn’t take a single shot. Being a film camera, you’re aware each shot costs money. Film slows you down, manual focus slows you down. But that can be a good thing. A zen thing.

I also bought a Ricoh GXR with two lens units on eBay, one the A12 Leica mount unit, which I knew I could sell back on eBay for the same money I paid for the camera and both modules…and I did. So I got a free compact camera with 28-300mm range. Recently, I had Gear acquisition syndrome again, thinking of selling off my Pentax DSLR and two main lenses and Fuji X100, which would fund a Fujifilm X Pro 1, and two lenses. The acquisition red mist lifted.

Here’s some top tips on gear acquisition syndrome by street photographer and blogger, Eric Kim.

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