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Today I received a mini Union Jack flag to attach to the electric wheelchair to unfurl as I proceed at a snails pace along the hospital ward corridor. The views of the car park and air conditioning vents are startling in their beauty…so much so, I won’t show them here so not to give away a photographic hotspot!

Apart from that its been a day in bed as tummy has been a bit playful. I blame “build up” shakes which are crammed full of goodness knows what!

Slept better but woke with pain in both arms so had to go with morning tea and painkillers. Sounds like a good album title…


  1. Michael Hogg

    December 23, 2012

    You could be on to something with your theory on the build-up shakes. For some, the second most powerful laxative known to man is the Macdonald’s strawberry flavoured milkshake. The first most powerful is, of course, barbecue flavoured Pringles.

    • rich

      December 28, 2012

      Hey Mike – just got your card, as it was rerouted from Frenchay hospital in Bristol. It made me smile to think of myself as the six million dollar man…i have metal implants too, but not entirely sure they’re bionic? I can move in slow motion but the noises I make are more aches and pains than a dynamic synth beat!

      Rach said your boys in hospital too – hope all is ok now.

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