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I recently got invited over to Bristol to meet the doctors at the Great Western Air Ambulance that treated me in a crushed Mini, half way through a hedge on the side of the road after a taxi driver decided his side of the road wasn’t interesting enough. We were escorted onto the airbase and then we met Mike and Jules in front of the helicopter.

They talked about what they did – essentially took a guess at blood type, using O negative, which is the Chardonnay of the blood groups and then put me to sleep, as I was in such a state; it was better to give my brain a rest than try to do too much at the scene. Once cut out of the car, I was shoe-horned into their old helicopter, the Bolkow, manufactured by German aviation company Messerschmitt and was introduced in 1970. My air-lift to Frenchay hospital was essentially like a scene from the opening credits of M*A*S*H. Suicide is painless is ringing in my eyes to this day…


They told me Bolkow had about 70% less cabin space than their new helicopter, so I was lying in the tail of helicopter with only my head and shoulders accessible to the doctors – another reason why they knocked me out at the scene. The PR woman rushed about to get a photo before any sirens went off and the crew had to leave. It was a bright blue sky day, so we got a few nice images of Mike, Jules, Rach, Isaac and Me. I had to give a quote for the patient story that will go on their website, so I said this…

It was great meeting Jules and Mike today who helped me after my car accident. Amazingly, they remembered my accident and explained what happened to me that day. I suffered life changing injuries but nearly three years on, we visited the GWAA airbase with my fiancé and our 5 month old son. Without their help, neither of those happy life changes would have happened. It was great to meet the whole team and thank Mike and Jules personally. They were so welcoming and eager to answer questions, fill in the blanks in my memory and explain the fantastic service they provide.

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