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It’s taken a while, but I finally managed to discover the air ambulance service that took care of me and flew me to Frenchay hospital in Bristol, after my road traffic accident on the A40 last year. I have joked that it’s the only time that I’ve been in a helicopter, and I don’t remember a thing about it. Maybe that’s a good thing, well done brain…

Look away now if you don’t want to see my crumpled mini cooper!

Here’s a message from Great Western Air Ambulance. I’ve donated, why don’t you? Visit the GWAA site here to donate.

A CALL to the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity doesn’t just scramble a fast helicopter. The most highly trained doctors and paramedics come with it.

Within five minutes of a 999 call to our base the aircraft is in the air with a Critical Care team on board. That’s a doctor and a paramedic.

No more than 20 minutes later and the team are anywhere within Bristol, Bath and the surrounding counties plus Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

The result? One patient in five – a patient otherwise expected to die – survives.

Support us and make it happen

It’s only through the support of you – the people of our region – that we can carry on.

We need £1.5m each year just to stay in the air. But like all air ambulances we receive nothing from the Government or the National Lottery.

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