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If you live in a world that is constantly slightly under or over exposed, where you stand like a chimp, hunched over in the midday sun straining to see a monochrome histogram that spikes to the left or right, maybe you need an incident light meter…and this being the 21st century, it must attach to your smart phone…and by smart phone, we mean an iPhone obviously.

The Lumu light meter, which is a clever little piece of circuitry inside a reflective dome is designed by some canny start-up boffins and designed to turn your iPhone into an incident light meter, which performs more precisely that a reflective light meter that are in all modern cameras. Under certain conditions, even the very best internal meters can be fooled by tricky lighting situations.

But why would we bother, ask the masses of digital photographers? Well, good point, the reflective meter inside your camera is pretty good, but curb your outrage, as the Lumu is really aimed at those of us who have old school film cameras that don’t have light meters at all – shocking to think I know, but true. Go to the website and you’ll see some trendy, cool hipsters, pairing up an old school Leica and the Lumu iPhone light meter.

Check out the Lumu here.


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