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It can leap tall buildings in a single bound, it can email stuff, it can sing, it can even dance if you put it on vibrate and lie it on a flat surface…its…the iPhone! Oh, and it can take photos too! And now with the iPhone 5, it even has the most ridiculous tag line known to man and advertising, which claims, “it’s the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone” That’s nonsense isn’t it?

Anyway, you’d think from the above that I’m not an Apple fan or an iPhone devotee – well, you’re wrong, I’m eagerly awaiting upgrading my iPhone 4 to the new 5. The home button on my 4 has long since stopped working in any way that Jonathan Ive intended.

iPhone photography (or iphonography) has become its own little sub genre of photography, along side the retro Lomography, and in fact one emulates the other – one of the highest tech gadgets you can get, emulates one of the lowest tech cameras. That’s art for you… And in fact, this is where the iPhone camera and various software really hits the mark as a creative tool. The camera itself can take a decent enough shot in good light, but its when its used in conjunction with an app like hipstamatic or instagram, or using the normal camera, then manually processing the image with something like the excellent Snapseed app that its really possible to create interesting results.

Personally, I think Apple missed a trick with the new iPhone 5 and its camera. It’s an incremental improvement, but I think they could of recognised a growing trend and catered for a more enthusiast user, both in the sensor and lens technology and the integrated camera app software. They would argue, it all about balance. A bigger sensor, lens etc apart from the technical challenges of micro-sizing everything, would all drain the battery even quicker.

All technological wizardry aside, the famous Ansel Adams quote still applies, the best camera, is the one you have with you.

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