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Exclusive german uber-camera brand Leica has released new models at the Photokina show, including the renamed flagship model, ‘M’. They’ve dropped the numbering, and will now be called just M and it boasts a 24MP sensor, live view with focus peaking, and an adaptor to make it able to use Leica R lenses The M will cost £5100 in the UK. Whilst a more “entry-level” (still nearly 4 grand), M-E is a more stripped down version, 18MP version, though essentially an M9.

And if you’re really flush, you can buy into the Leica S System, 37MP medium format camera and lenses. Cheap as a Berlin currywurst…? Not likey, it’ll be about £20,000 for the camera, and about half that again for a lens!

Also released, and slightly more affordable to the everyday photographer is the Leica D-Lux 6. The D-Lux cameras have steadily been updated with each iteration. I owned the D-Lux 4, which was a lovely camera. A classic compact I would say, and one thing that Leica should be applauded for (not its prices, that’s for sure), is the way it sticks to its guns. It hasn’t been sucked into a megapixel race, because it knows that’s futile with a small sensor camera. The lens zoom range has improved with the D-Lux 5 and now the speed of the lens has been increased to f1.4-f2.3 across the range. The D-Lux 6 also now has a manual aperture ring and a built in ND filter (much like my lovely Fuji X100). Of course, you could opt for the very same camera by Panasonic (LX7) and save yourself a couple of hundred quid. But if you’re a Leica man, you’ll also know that the little red dot holds onto its value a lot longer than Panasonic’s Lumix. Blimey, I want one now…

Check out the Leica range here or read initial reviews here.

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