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The art of engineering. Made in Germany. That’s the header that decorates the top of Leica’s new camera launch on the website. Ever since they teased its hard core red dot audience with the phrase, Mini M, the photographic net buzzed with anticipation of what Leica would bestow on the world with a $3,000 price tag. Greatness surely? Ok, not actual greatness, that’s reserved for a proper M, but pretty great at least…right?

As with all great marketing these days, there are leaks, guestimate’s, wish lists, rumour sites, and the new Leica couldn’t escape, and was seemingly doomed before its official launch today. The net loathed the idea of an X2, with a lumpy, slow zoom lens. Nobody’s even held one, much less seen any results, but the verdict was a universal, “nein, Leica, nein…”

I think this camera has a few unique tricks up its sleeve, though it is a gold plated arm and a leg of a price tag. It’ll be beautifully made no doubt and fits a certain category of camera buyer (those with deep pockets). It’s not for the loons on the net though, who want one camera to do it all. Check out the Leica X Vario here.

And a link to a Leica camera tester who offers his opinion here.

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