Merry Christmas

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Christmas Day bin hospital turned out not so bad. Rach arrived early, flaunting the visiting hours so we could open a few pressies each. I managed to order one thing for her online. Later, after she cooked a Delia Christmas dinner she came with her parents and we went out into the great outdoors. There’s a little park just around the corner so it was the first journey in the wheelchair. I was quite nervous about it and wary of the few cars we saw. It was my first outing in about 5 weeks.

fresh air had its affect – I was wrapped up but felt the cold quickly in my hands and losing my breath. So it was brief but good. We came back into the warmth and had a hot chocolate. Later I got into bed and fell asleep until 11pm but still managed to sleep ok.

Woke early today with painful arms – they don’t seem to like the nigh, so had to have painkillers with cup of tea. Well see what Boxing Day brings…



  1. Dan Nunn

    January 2, 2013

    Nice jumper!!

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