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Seeing the unusual in the usual is phrase nobody has probably said, but I offer it here for the world to adopt. It’s something I said in a previous post¬†(its always worth saying it twice), about how photography can be a frustrating business, seeing others’ work of the darkest reaches of foreign lands and culture or the lions fresh from a kill in the Serengeti. We’re not all employed by the BBC or sponsored by Sigma, so we have to look and see things around us, things from the every day.

Having said that, this image isn’t strictly from the every day, it’s from inside Gaudi’s Casa Mila in Barcelona, but you see might point – if I had a stark yet stylish bathroom I could of taken this at home. I like this image for its simplicity of the objects, but complexity and humour of the arrangement. I like how each element has its own separate space and how the centre cabinet mirror doors both separate and join the image together. The soft tones of the image also add a sombre feeling to the image, which opposes the humour of the sink and bath tub joined together.

It’s mostly about seeing things, training the eye, or rather the brain to see the opportunity for a picture.


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