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Two photographer books I gleefully received this Christmas were Steve McCurry’s Untold Stories book, which documents many of his most memorable and celebrated photographic assignments, by detailing the stories behind the final photographs. He was the first photographer to get into Afghanistan, and photograph the conflict during the Cold War for example, and the book details both his story whilst on the ground, his technique of image taking and the process of smuggling film out of combat zones, and examples of material from his travels.

In contrast to the world travelled, sometimes exotic and wonderfully coloured images of Steve McCurry, Walker Evans’ American Photographs, which sometimes very literally documents a journey through America, from urban cityscapes, to suburban mundanity, and then rural desolation during the depression in the 1930’s. A book that is intended to be viewed in page order, to fully appreciate the message and vision of America from Evans.

Click here to look at Steve McCurry Untold book, and here for Walker Evans American Photographs book.



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