NEX 5N and 43mm Limited lens

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Contrived contraptions…don’t you just love them! The reason so many budding enthusiasts like the Sony NEX 5N is because you’re able to marry all kinds of lenses with the help of adaptors. No question, Leica M lenses and their M cousins from Zeiss and Voigtlander are the best, most compact option, but both lenses and adaptors can carry a hefty price tag on their own.

Since I already have the much-lusted after, Pentax FA 43mm Limited lens, I got an adaptor, made by KIWIFotos, which I must say is very well made, and took it for a quick test drive. I’ve said it before, but using the focus-peaking feature on the NEX5N makes manual focus quite easy (though the AF lens is not designed for MF). I have another adaptor, made by British firm, SRB-Griturn for M42 lenses, which I will report back on in time, using my 28 & 50mm Asahi lenses. Anyway, here’s a shot of NEX 5N and FA 43mm and a resulting frosty leaf shot!

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