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Hydrotherapy has maybe gone to my head, as today I ventured into the dangerous world of home hydrotherapy…having a bath. Ridiculous as it sounds, the bathtub is a tactile minefield, of thin curved edges, restricted access due to a fixed shower panel, no handles or flat surfaces and slippery when wet.

It wasn’t until I managed my way into the warm soapy water that it suddenly occurred to me that I was an idiot. An idiot that hadn’t considered his exit. I sat there, post home made hydrotherapy session as water drained away and thought to myself, I could be stuck here until Rach gets home.

Twenty minutes later, which is quite a long time to be pondering your existence in a bathtub, after carefully planned experimentations of turning this way and that and finally ending up on my knees, I summoned what little energy was left and pushed up on my right leg. Long sigh. Finally free from my white enamel prison I uttered a few choice expletives and decided to leave hydrotherapy to the terrorpists…

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