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Oh how I love a new camera rumour, and what’s more exciting is that it’s a Pentax one – not another ‘Canikon’. According to Mirrorless Rumours website, there’s a launch tomorrow of the K-01. It may be called that anyway…it may not even exist, as is the way with camera rumours. The other thing that happens upon these spec details and leaked images is the forum’s response to said camera, with usually much wailing of arms about sensor size and lens speed, and how the company could possibly conceive any decent photographer would use such a thing. How I ask you…HOW?!

Manufacturers must in turn love and hate the internet forums for both the possibility of launching the product without even writing a single piece of copy and hate them for blasting the product with doomed digital significance. The pencil sketch looks like a Ricoh GXR with a K5 sensor and K mount lens. And that bodes rather well I think…

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