Pentax K5 Discontinued!

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Several stories abound that stocks of the Pentax K5 are no longer available in Japan, and that the flagship DSLR is being discontinued, ahead of a new model being launched at the Photokina show in September. The mid-range K30 was recently launched with some spec’s outperforming the K5. The Pentax community live in hope that in order to have any chance of competing with Canon and Nikon, the new model will be a full frame DSLR. Rumours also abound that both Canon and Nikon plan to launch “affordable” full frame DSLR’s.

With the onset of a range of mirrorless camera’s available with APS-C sized sensor’s (and even compact’s sensors increasing in size), logic follows that DSLR’s will make the move to full frame, in order to differentiate themselves in the market, and also boost new sales in full frame lenses.

This is why some say, film, despite its stock and various processing costs, evens out cheaper in the long run, as it doesn’t suffer from technological oblivion…! But we love all those buttons and flashing lights, don’t we?

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