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As a Pentax user (K7, DA* 50-135mm) and general fan of the underdog brand, it’s big news when they bring out new products. I suspect this may slightly underwhelm a few people on the Pentax rumour sites that where hoping for a full frame offering to be announced at the Photokina trade show. The flagship K5 now comes in two flavous..with and without an ‘s’. The K5 IIs model comes with its anti-aliasing filter removed – something that Leica does on it’s M9 camera. This filter uses helps minimise moire effects on certain surfaces or patterns, but the downside is that it reduces the sharpness of the image somewhat. Some uber-geeks even remove this filter from there existing cameras…don’t try it at home kids!

Both new K5’s come with a new 16MP SAFOX X sensor that’s designed to work in very low light – a feature of the old K5 that was already hailed as one of the best in class. This sensor also claims better AF throughout f-stop range. And the back screen doesn’t have an air gap in it, thus increasing glare resistance….apparently. Will it make current K5 owners jump at upgrading? Not so sure, but no doubt, as its based on the original K5, it’ll be a cracking camera.

Also released is the Q10, based on the original Q, but now with a zoom lens. This has to compete with the Olympus Pen, Sony NEX, and now Nikon and Canon mirrorless options. Tough room… If you’re going for the Q for ultimate compact design, stick the 8.5mm (47mm equiv) lens on it and find your inner Cartier-Bresson.

Also released are a couple of much needed lenses to the K mount. A DA 18-270mm SDM super zoom lens – shame its not a DA* lens, as the build and optical quality of those are fantastic, though all the Pentax lenses are above the norm. Good news if you’re a wildlife photographer, is the release of the behemoth DA 560mm f5.6 AD EW, which features a new HD lens coating to reduce haze. It’s an all white beauty, but I dread to think of the price!

And there endeth Pentax news…

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