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Recovery is a fine line, one which fluctuates between a positive and negative pole. I’ve started physio at home which very basically is about getting me standing on my right leg. My left arm can help in an abstract kind of way.

Yesterday the physio’s descended and put me to work only to find my ankle had swollen and I was in more pain than three days earlier. One step up, two steps down. Now I have two days off from standing to exercise ankle muscles, ready for the next round…

On a different note, I was visited by work colleagues, Mica and Philippa for Saturday lunch. They bore gifts and cards from the office. Thanks for the kind wishes everyone, though I feel the quality of cake club may have dipped in my absence. The cake delivered to me must of been some kind of medically inspired experiment, as mould seemed to be the main ingredient! It was about as furry as Bailey…!


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