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The latest Apple iPhone 5 has just been released, with all its technical wizardry on show, including a new improved camera (though not much improved, which personally I think was a missed opportunity for ever increasing “iphonographers”), and the Photokina technology show is the launch place for so much new camera gear, like the new full frame Sony RX1, but there is another way…

A reduction in quality, a rejection of technology, the lomo camera is a retro-plastic delight. In the purist sense, it’s a rubbish piece of photographic equipment, but in an artistic sense, the lomographic film camera’s add an element of unpredictability, a blend of distorted optics, colour casts and heavy vignetting (people spend hours getting these effects in Photoshop!) The sum of these parts amount to some pretty cool photography, as seen on today’s Guardian site, here.

For more Lomography, visit the official site here.

Of course, if actual film is just a tad too retro for you, you can always use your iPhone and an app like Hipstamatic to the same effect!

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