1. The Olde Bell Bar

    The Olde Bell Inn in Hurley is a traditional coaching inn dating back to 1800’s. The whiskey’s go back...
  2. Pittville Columns

    This image taken at Pittville Pump Rooms in Cheltenham as the morning sun heats up the regency stone.
  3. Cows Around Campfire

    Cows huddle together around the crackling campfire like a painting by Constable
  4. Cruising Despair

    Rach reflects on her surroundings in Halifax, Nova Scotia after disembarking the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship. Wiki-wiki wah!
  5. View from Train

    Looking back at London’s urban sprawl on the Paddington train line
  6. Hiding Bailey

    Bailey pokes his curious nose around the curtain to keep an eye on me


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Photonbox is a portfolio and photography blog of my work and others. The others are the great and the good, shining examples of great photography. My own work by contrast is a soft glow, but practice makes perfect…

Pearl of Wisdom

The more personal you make it, the more universal it becomes. – Diane Arbus
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