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Hurry…you only have have until 5pm today to get your entries into the Prescott Photographic Competition 2012! A new discovery since moving to the area is the Prescott Hill Climb, run by the Bugatti Owners Club, and I can recommend it to anyone, whether for an excellent photographic day or just to take in the petrol-head ambience!

I came across notice of the competition a bit late, but have managed to scrape together an entry into each category. I expect the level is very high, as there were flanks of long lenses along the course and a whiff of experience of capturing the moment as the cars sped past, but maybe my efforts will look a little different to the judges.

In the Abstract section, I entered an image of a vintage car (to my shame, I didn’t make a note of the make and model), which was taken on a Bessa R2 with M-Rokkor 40mm, using Fujichrome Velvia 50 film. Don’t tell me film doesn’t have “a look”!

For Action on the Track section, I submitted an image of a Porsche on the hill climb. I found myself framing 3 images through the trees, the marshals, the car, and the barrier leading into the corner. These last three images were all taken with the Pentax K7 and DA* 50-135mm lens.

For the Portrait section I selected an image of a woman driver, face tightly screwed up as she willed her classic car around the fast bend. I actually prefer the full image, which has some lovely negative space, but for this I needed to crop a little more obviously on the face. The focus is a bit off, but perfection isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

For The Essence of Prescott I sent in a image of a car from the steam age…! These beautiful cars ambled up the hill climb course in cloud of steam and warm appreciation. This category was about the spirit of Prescott, which isn’t just about speed, but about a collective passion for all things automotive.

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