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My Pentax K7 is in the repair shop, receiving I hope some love and attention. I bought the K7 in March and have been using it regularly. At the time, I was torn between a dSLR and a mirrorless type camera, as my previous camera was the Leica D-Lux 4. I was used to something small, but with a renewed interest in photography I wanted a camera with better flexibility and image quality. At the Focus on Imaging show, the Pentax was up against the Sony NEX 5. The Pentax won out, though I was mightily impressed with the build quality of the Sony – essentially I wanted an optical viewfinder; there’s something uniquely photographic about framing your world.

The Pentax ticks lots of quality boxes (the K5 was just out, so out of budget range), and my goal was to spend money on the lens (a FA 43mm F1.9 Limited to be precise). The K7 is small and stylishly angular, weather sealed, metal bodied, has in-body image stabilization, a good sensor, and a cool factor (and a great deal price). The reason it’s in for repair is a faulty front dial, not allowing me to select shutter speed. Generally I use Av mode, so its not something I noticed, so the fault could of been there since I purchased it? Anyway, it should be back home soon…

In the meantime, after much research between Fuji X10, Ricoh GXR and GR IV, and NEX 5N, I today purchased…the Sony NEX 5N & 16mm lens, so I have a compact companion, but with equal quality and flexibility for potentially using K mount and lovely M42 Asahi lenses I currently own. It was a 40th birthday present to myself…!


  1. Ollie dell

    January 19, 2012

    How much did they repair cost? I ask because I am on the verge of buying one with a dodgy front dial (out of warranty) but want an idea of the cost before I go ahead.


    • rich

      January 19, 2012


      Mine was under warranty, so there was no cost involved, other than postage to Pentax. The repair, which I believe involved replacing a pcb board didn’t list the cost. They will give you a quote before they do any work, but guess that doesn’t help if you’re considering buying the K7 dependant on the repair. The Pentax forum website may offer some more advice.


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