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A brief, but enjoyable jaunt over to Budapest, turned into an extended physical, as Rach and I walked the streets of faded Grandure. Beautiful architecture mixed with crumbling stone, faded, peeling paintwork, and wooden framed scaffolding, looking like a set from a renaissance painting. Fortunately after one very long exhausting limp over the Chain Bridge and along the river bank to cathedral like Gellert spa baths, I could soak ageing bones in the thermal waters at a comforting 36 degrees. Let’s hope the prolonged soak didn’t permeate into the metalwork and cause me to rust…

We stayed in the ghetto, as they still call it locally, in the Jewish quarter of the city on the Pest side of the Danube. The hotel sparkled in its recent renovation, and the huge copper plated ornate entrance way impressed. Images to follow on that city trip.

Today was a visit to my solicitor to further discuss my case, as the insurer continues to deny liability on the RTA. Such is life with insurer’s I’m told. Stay calm and carry on. I have additional tasks to document and a request to photograph scars, which made me think of it as a project. I like a project. How on-trend of me to create a “selfie”, whilst highlighting the physical scars I’d rather not see.

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