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We visited Gloucester Cathedral at the weekend and marvelled at its glory. It didn’t start well – we entered I was immediately confronted by a man who wanted to know where I was from. Maybe it was the heavenly surroundings, maybe the choir echoing through my brain, or the early onset of dementia, or just maybe the gorilla shock tactics of the god-squad bouncer on the door, but I was completely lost for the answer. I actually had to turn around and ask Rach, “where are we from?” Cheltenham was the bemused answer. “Oh yeah,” I said. “Why doesn’t he know where’s he’s from?” whispered the geographic interrogator. It’s not where I’m from that’s important, it’s where I’m going…that would of been the zen answer to give, but it didn’t occur to me at the time…nothing did.

Yesterday, we took to walking a 7 mile looped trail around Crickley Hill and Leckhampton Hill, in Cheltenham, in possibly the worst weather imaginable. Soaked to the skin, doesn’t do the phrase justice. Waterproof and breathable is a phrase that should not of been present on my rain jacket marketing. Timberland boots, despite looking the part, are not in fact waterproof and should come with a warning about possible trench foot. Few photo’s exist of this expedition, though I did manage to try the panoramic setting of the Fuji X100 and will post the result soon. The lovely X100 spent the rest of the day, in its equally lovely leather case, wrapped in a plastic bag to protect it from the elements, as it certainly doesn’t advertise itself as weatherproof!

So, this image is nothing to do with any of the above, but as you’ve read, clarity of mind isn’t always with me, but in the zen like words of Henry David Thoreau, simplify, simplify.

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