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Sony has just announced a stack of cameras and lenses to make the camera forums go nuts…full frame being the magic word. The A99 is a full frame DSLR camera, and the NEX series gets a new iteration with the NEX 6 (though not full frame), along with some much needed lenses for the system, including a 10-18mm, 16-50mm power zoom presumably to match the compact size of panasonics 14-42mm, and a fast 35mm f1.8, which the NEX world had been screaming out for.

Most notable though, is the compact, full frame RX1, with fixed Zeiss T 35mm f2 lens. Sony has been looking over the shoulder at Fuji’s wonderful X series, but packed in the ultimate buzz word feature…full-frame. The Fuji X100 still trumps it with the fantastic built in hybrid viewfithough my humble opinion! Look forward tithe reviews.

Check out the initial reviews here for the A99, NEX 6, and RX1 and the ever reliable hands on review by Steve Huff here.

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