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An impending move away from the banks of the Thames and the Chilterns looms – yes dear reader, I will miss Henley and the surrounding area – its been a great location to go out with my cameras and record tales from the riverbank throughout the seasons. So, I took the opportunity this weekend to go out early and try and catch a little river life. I didn’t intend to grapple with any wildlife, so didn’t bring the macro or the tripod, but a little spot next to Hambledon lock was awash with dragonfly, so I felt obliged to at least try and capture the fast moving little buggers. I didn’t see a red one, but if I had, I expect it would of had a Ferrari logo on it, since they shift in the blink of an eye…or whatever the equivalent shutter speed is. Anyway, this golden one isn’t bad, taken with my Pentax DA* 50-135mm.

I was the one being hunted by the Red Kite as I sat in the long grass below a rank of trees opposite the river bank. They circled above my head, screeching, inviting others into the hunt. Not sure I resembled a mouse that day, but they did seem keen and losing sight of them as they used the blazing sun for cover was a little unnerving. They wouldn’t actually swoop at me…would they?

Onto less deadly foe, after a pint and a pub lunch at the Flower Pot, I once more tried to steady the camera to capture the butterflies dancing from leaf to flower. I blame the beer, for any lack of sharpness on this one.

Finally, mad dogs, Englishmen and a scruffy farm yard cat, stretched out on a pile of logs, out in the midday sun.

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