Still a reason why it’s known as Fujifilm

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The Fuji X series of camera’s were a shot in the arm for Fuji as a digital camera manufacturer, stealing inspiration from Leica in the retro-tastic X100, at a fraction of the cost and adding a host of additional features over its German doppleganger. Whilst the X series goes from strength to strength with each new model, such as the new X Pro-2 and the XT-2 waiting for launch in June or July, Fuji also has its Instax film cameras, which have bloomed in popularity as the world takes a second look at the wonderous effect of film – the idea of a camera printing off a printed image is like space-age rocket science to generation X, where everything exists virtually on a screen.

Fuji¬†sold 5 million Instax cameras this (financial) year, and expects to sell 6.5 million next. Plus a good bucket load of film! In comparison, it sold just 1.4 million digital cameras last year and the industry saw a 19% decline in digital camera sales. Many traditional films have been discontinued by Fuji, Kodak et al, but new ones have also been created from specialist companies or trendsetters, like Lomography. Analogue is the new digital…


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