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Long time no post I hear you cry – well that’s true. Job hunting, dealing with two-year-old meltdown tantrums, running a vintage guitar empire (Guitars of Vintage if you’re interested…!), starting a new job, decorating, organising for child number two, and all the other life stuff we all have…

Anyway, about to start using WordPress more, so thought I’d log in here, clear out the cobwebs and spam comments and post about another Wildlife Photographer of the Year winner that has been booted out in disgrace as experts claim his anteater is stuffed and from the Emas National Park (where the image was taken) visitor centre, which is an even bolder step further to deceive than a previous winner, who used a domesticated Iberian wolf to leap over a gate. The photographer, Marcio Cabral denies the fakery, having supplied RAW files and a witness.

It’s like the Southport Photographic Society Kingfisher scandal all over again – when is a RAW file to be believed?

Marcio contests the disqualification and intends to gather evidence – from the visitor centre perhaps…

Full story on the BBC here

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