The allure of film

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What is it about hobbies and the endless fascination with gear and “the other thing”. More and more digital cameras flood the market, we’re bamboozled with technical improvements, including megapixel and ISO races. Does your camera go up to 25,000 ISO? Hundred odd years of photography and the fastest film was about 6400 ASA, and that seemed to suffice. Curiously I find myself rebelling against the technology, and yearn for something mechanical. Digital is a pandora’s box – its easy and fast and if you can happily ignore the marketing men for that upgrade, cheap, and we’re lazy. Film takes ages. I used film quite a bit, even had my own darkroom and loved the magical process of development. Maybe because it was alchemy at work, maybe because it required a bit of work and was a physical experience? Digital isn’t that – its fantastic in its own way.

Medium format cameras litter ebay and they call to me, certainly never as a replacement for my Pentax K7 and NEX 5N, but as a nod to the purist in me, maybe the landscape photographer in me wants that extra quality for a bargain price. I suspect its the allure talking rather than the reality of film. Maybe invest in new version of Lightroom instead…!

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