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It’s an old quote that the best camera you have, is the one you’ve got with you. This means these days everyone has a camera at the ready to capture a moment, as mobile phones, even the basic ones have cameras… What’s more, if you have a smart phone, like the iphone 4, not only can you take a shot, you can also process it with a myriad of apps to mimic some of Photoshop’s tools. The best one I found so far, is Snapseed, from NIK software, who produce excellent plugins on the Mac, like Silver Efex Pro. The app allows you to edit colour, tone, contrast, brightness and add an array of effects, crops and frames, all of which are customizable and it features an elegant and very user-friendly interface. Whilst they won’t replace all the other lovely gear we love to lug around, it is surprising what they’re capable of producing.

This is photograph I took of a pair of boots workmen had put in the window of a woman’s clothes shop during a refit. I took it with an iphone 4 and processed with Snapseed filters.

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