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…and I should probably add, with a thud, as it’s a solid beast, but in a reassuring and rugged way. Like the Land Rover Defender of the camera world. I sold off my trusty Pentax K-7, which has served me well, along with a couple of other APSC lenses. I’d been to the Photography Show in Birmingham to review lots of different camera’s, approaching them as a potential buyer and just seeing what worked for me – there is no perfect camera that has all the answers to all the questions asked of it. Some have the right specs for what you do, some the right lens range, some have terrible button layout or no custom buttons or an adjustable screen which you can hold under a torrent of water at -10ºC. Some just feel poorly put together or the cheapest plastic buttons known to man.

It’s all a question of feels right to you – what ticks as many boxes as possible. A camera that you want to pick up, or play with, or take that amazing shot of your son in the back garden at the golden hour. So, after numerous hours of picking up lots of camera’s, pressing buttons, looking through menu systems, optical viewfinders, electronic viewfinders, relative weights of camera to lens and grip sizes, I kept going back to Pentax and the K-1. I still have various lenses that work full-frame and it just felt like a logical update. Oh, and it just seemed to fit into my long-fingered hands the best…

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